Here are some resources I recommend, about coaching, business, leadership, management and overcoming challenges.


image"Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?" Louis V. Gerstner
This is an excellent book for any professional executive wanting to make a major impact to his/her company's operations. One of the best business leaders in corporate America offers valuable advice about how to turn around an organisation in crisis. It describes how Louis Gerstner turned IBM around to become a major IT force once again.

image"The Real Deal" James Cann
If you want to start up a business from nothing, this book teaches you how to be street-smart and apply your entrepreneurial spirit to achieve great success. James Cann, an immigrant from Pakistan, started his business venture at the age of 17, and became one of the richest men in Britain. The book is the story of his success and the key lessons he learned along the way.

image"Gang Leader for a Day" Sudhir Venkatesh
This is a fascinating book about survival in an urban war zone. In many ways, the managerial skills that a gang leader needs are similar to those that a corporate business leader needs. In some respects, the challenges can be much greater. But I'm certainly not suggesting that you become a gang leader!

image"Personal Best" David Rock
An excellent self-help book for those in pursuit of personal development and professional goals. The book offers many useful exercises for self-reflection and action-based programmes. It provides a good road map to develop your goals and vision in a structured manner, and to become your personal best.

image"Reengineering Management" James Champy
An old-time classic, but the principles are still valid today. This book teaches you how to study and analyze the dynamics of an existing business from a new perspective. If you're involved in making radical change to a business process, this book is a must.

image"Moving Zen" C.W. Nicol
This is a story of a young man arriving in Japan to come to grips with a previously unknown culture; the account of his first two hard years studying the spirit of karate, and how he learned the art of gentleness through strength. If you want to learn how the martial arts can help you to be a better person, this is an excellent book for you.

image"Norwegian Wood" Haruki Murakami
This recent book offers wonderful insights into the younger generation in Japan. The book is a number-one best-seller in Japan, and has been translated into English by Jay Rubin, a professor of Japanese literature at Harvard University. The author is a national celebrity in Japan. This was the first book of his that I read, and since then I've read a further six of his books.

image"It's Not About The Bike" Lance Armstrong
This book describes the personal struggle of cyclist Lance Armstrong in his battle against stage-four testicular cancer. A highly inspiring true story of striving against the odds.

image"The Penguin Book of Twentieth Century Speeches" Brian MacArthur
This book contains some of the 20th century's most moving speeches by the greatest orators of our time - speeches that had (and still have) the power to change the world. It's also a wonderful opportunity to examine our history and the major issues of the century.

image"Executive Coaching - The keys for performance improvement through personal growth" David Stratford
An easy and comprehensive read about what executive coaching is, and how to leverage the services of an executive coach in order to achieve your "personal best". If you're new to executive coaching, this book will give you a comprehensive overview. It will also help you to select the right coach who will suit your needs.


Hong Kong International Coaching Community
The Hong Kong International Coaching Community assists people to become effective professional coaches, who inspire and empower others to achieve personal and organisational change. With global and local affiliations we offer a pool of resources to foster professional development, mutual support, sharing of knowledge and expertise within a culture of continuous learning. I am currently a member in good standing.

Corporate Coach U
A leading provider of coach training programmes. On this website are many valuable resources about how to apply coaching skills in your life or work, whether or not you're a professional coach. It also features tips about how to find the right coach who'll suit your needs, and how to become a professional coach. I'm a licensed facilitator of their Coaching Clinic programme.


"Crisis Raises New Issues for Executive Coaches" by John Baldoni
Excerpt: "...the change [in coaching priorities] seems to reflect the trend of executive coaching being used by organizations to address specific business issues, rather than for individual, general 'self-improvement'."

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